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Gregory Appleby


"I know everyone and everything I have experienced influences me. Yet, when I begin to create something there is a power far greater than I that guides my hands. The concept of my life as an artist is creating art that brings pleasure to those who enjoy it. My inspiration comes from the peaceful beauty of Maui. I am truly blessed."

Gregory A. Appleby

Born in Van Nuys, CA. to Dorothy, a student of "The Arts" and an entrepreneurial father Floyd, that loved advertising. 

Gregory got his first glimpse of art forms from the mobile his mother constructed. She painted murals involving animals on his bedroom walls and fabricated brilliantly constructed and painted wall hangings of circus animals. He coveted his Grandmothers collection of match box ivory carved animals. These influences carried over to a period of mid western art in Nebraska. Where he attended grammar and high school and enjoyed influences of American Indian tribal art. After graduating he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. While in the Marines he traveled through out the Far East and was aroused by the simplicity and the detail of the impressions of Oriental Art . 

Then to Beneficial Management Corporation which gave him the tools that would later assist him in the management of his own business. Gayle, his wife & business partner started A & B Creations. He drew the designs, she created the waxes to be cast in the lost wax casting method, which he still employs today. Polishing and finishing the creations in a small garage studio directed Gregory to continue to take on more tasks in the creating process, including casting, finishing, and setting. After a short period of manufacturing and wholesaling the new designs, they opened 3 retail stores in So. California and created over a thousand one of a kind designs. 
After years of working with and watching in awe of his partners fantastic abilities with wax, and the combination of Gregory re-carving flaws in the gold castings. that when the business and partnership was dissolved, he began doing his own waxes and creating the continuation of animal miniatures.

His first visit to Hawaii created a haunting allure, which drew him to return to Maui qnd all of it`s natural beauty, exotic charm and remedial grandeur . 

Gregory has been highly influenced by travels to Europe studying art of the Grandmasters & in Africa, photographing animals in their natural environment (as close as you are to your computer screen), while lions were feeding and zebras grazing.

Having a fastidious nature and being self taught, with formal training only in Pave` diamond setting from the GIA

(Gemological Institute of America), and with the assistance of the power of the Universe, Gregory has created the excitement and authenticity in the animals that almost come to life in his gold and diamond creations.

My favorite Quote, by Paul Gauguin

"To create something new it is necessary to go back to the infancy of humanity. Face to face with the mystery of our origins."

Gregory Appleby, Giraffe, Maui, Hawaii,
Gregory Appleby, Giraffe, Maui Hawaii
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